C4: We are children

Sunday (15/05/2022)

All teams arrived at Lisbon in the evening. The Portuguese partner met every partner the and we all had dinner together in a typical restaurant in the upper neighborhood of Lisbon.

Monday (16/05/2022)

All team met in Lisbon with the rest of the partners together and visited the city of Sintra and Quinta de Regaleira. In the afternoon we all moved to Guincho beach and visited the city of Cascais and Belen Tower. In the evening we returned to Lisbon and had dinner in a restaurant with live traditional Portuguese music.

Tuesday (17/06/2022)

All partners went to Peniche where the students enjoyed games and activities on the beach. After lunch, we visited the medieval town of Óbidos where the students went on a treasure hunt. We travelled to the town of Cartaxo where we spent the rest of the days. All the teachers and students of the mobility were invited by the parents of one of the students of the Cartaxo school to have dinner at their house.

Wednesday (18/09/2022)

On Wednesday we went to the school Agrupamento de Escolas Marcelino Mesquita do Cartaxo. All partners were recieved by the headmaster and visited school. All teams presented the characteristics of their centers and the environment. The Padlet of the our project is presented as well as the different activities that are beind done on in this mobility.

Later, all partners had the chance to join a discussion with two Ukrainian refugee students who talked about their experience as immigrants in Portugal. We had lunch at the school and served by the catering students.

In the afternoon, teachers and students proceed to paint the t-shirts with the name of the Erasmus program.

Thursday (19/05/2022)

All partners went on an excursion to the city of Santarém. We took a beautiful boat ride on the Tagus River and discovered the way of life for the fishermen who lived in the small towns on the banks of the river. We returned to Cartaxo and had dinner at high school. Diplomas are delivered, gifts for the director of the school and for the rest of the partners were given. The dinner is enlivened by a music group made up of some teachers from the center. Some partners joined the group performing a duet song with the rest of the band.

Friday (20/05/2022)

Early in the morning, all partners met again to give certificates, meet for the last time to arrange last things about the project and say goodbye to the partners who left.