C3: Mini-Olympiad

Sunday (19.03.2020)

All partners are ready to take a flight to go to Izmit to start this new adventure and continue working on our project. Due to the Ukranian-Russian war, the Portuguese team was forced to change their flights and had to travel one day after.

Monday (20.03.2020)

All partners arrived at school at 9:00 and they all did 75.Yil Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu school tour. Several welcoming activities and a Ethnic Karaoke was celebrated. Some ethnics and refugees songs were performed by local teachers.

Ethnic and refugee songs played by the Music teacher
Ethnic and traditional songs played by Murat Atalay teacher

Spanish and Italian students were virtually connected in order to participate in these activities.

After that, all partners had lunch together and got ready to participate in the Mini-Olympiad celebrated in the afternoon at school. Students, teachers and staff paticipated in several sport activities. Although the floor was a bit slippery and some weather-related incovenients came up, everything went well.

Mini-Olympiad (1)
Mini-Olympiad (2)

After the Medal Ceremony, all partners went back to the hotel to have dinner and have a rest after our first big day in Izmit. Portuguese team was supposed to arrive in Izmit that day in the evening but there was a problem and they arrived a bit later.

Tuesday (21.03.2020)

All partners woke up, had breakfast and went to school. Unfortunately, that day the Portuguese team was incomplete because they had an administratif issue and two teachers and a student arrived in Izmit one day later. All partners realizaed a difficult situation about crossing borders.

Once at school, all teachers had a coordination meeting about the project and students participated in «The design of the Project T-shirts» workshop.

After «The design of the Project T-shirts» workshop, we went for a beautiful walk near the school by the sea side.

After the beautiful promenade, all partners had lunch at Happy Moons Café and did the Izmit city center tour.

At the end of the day, the rest of the people of the Portuguese team finally arrived in Izmit.

Portuguese team, finally managed to work out their administratif issues and got ready to join all partners

Wednesday (22.03.2020)

With all partners in Izmit, everybody arrived at school early in the morning to continue working on the project. The first activity we did, was » The Chinese Whispers» activity among all participants to learn refugee new words through vocabulary and expressions in different languages.

After this activity, we had break time and then we did the “Marteniçka” workshop and all partners learnt how to create traditional refugees’ wristbands origanilly made by refugees from Bulgaria. A Marteniçka is a small piece of adornment, made of white and red bracelet. Tradition dictates that Martenitsi are always given as gifts.

After the “Marteniçka” workshop, we had lunch and we visited the Seka Science Museum all the afternoon and we had the chance to do science experimental learning.

Thursday (23.03.2020)

On Thursday all partners went on a day-trip to Instambul. We departed early in the morning from Izmit to Instambul. And then we did the Historic Peninsula Tour. We visited the Topkapi Palace, Haiga Sofia, the Archeological Museum of Instanbul and Grand Bazaar.

Archeological Museum of Instanbul

In the evening we had a cultural night. We took a but to go to the port where all partners joined a Bosphorus Tour by boat with Dinner and special folkloric dance show.

Friday (24.03.2020)

All partners met last day at the farewel reception to say goodbye and give certificates and presents.

After that, all partners got ready to come back home. But our project still continues… See you in Cartaxo (Portugal)!!!!!