LOGO competition

Our project needs a logo!!! Here you will find all the finalist logos that our students created in order to participate in the competition.

Online meetings

Before and during the pandemic, our partners (teachers and students) have been in touch through virtual meeting in order to carry out our project.

New year t-shirt activity

All partners participated in the New Year T-shirt Activity virtually where students of all schools designed a New Year T-shirt.

eTwinning Day

During this day we carried out several virtual activities with all our partners during the first week of the month of May.

Let’s meet at the tales

A common children’s tale from different cultures was dramatized and presented to our school students by storytellers in 75. Yıl Cumhuriyet Secondary School (Turkey). All students participated in the song in this fairy tale. At the end of the event, the feelings and ideas of our students about the content of the tale were received. With this activity, it was ensured that the students realized and adopted the universal values in different cultures.

I colori del mondo

The Istituto Compressivo «Capuana-Pardo», in Castelvetrano (Sicily) worked with the students how women are all over the world. They used pictures created by students on different canvases.

«I’M CHALLENGING…» and «RED T-SHIRT Baby Aylan» Activities (Part 1)

Students from all countries participating in our project reflect their ideas and feelings about peace and refugee children and they challenge their peers to do the same.

Students from Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)
Students from IES Alpujarra, Órgiva (Spain)
Students from Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)
«I’m challeging» and «Baby Aylan» activities, Osman GAzi Anadolu Lisesi, Osmaniye, Turkey
Students from Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)
Students from Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)
Students from Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey)

«Empathy tree» Activity (Órgiva, Spain)

Students participating in the project created short notes, poems and pictures showing their ideas and feelings about refugees. Here you some pictures of our trees.

Sharing leaflets

Students were on the streets, sharing leaflets from our project to local people. Another way to give voice to our project and refugees’ reality.

Meeting our local authorities

Spanish students had a meetiing with the major of our town to explain our three Eramus+ projects, among them our project «A plural and enriching community».

Creating Dictionaries

Students of all coutrines participating in the project have created a DICTIONARY for refugees in order to make easily their integration in our communities.

In Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi, from Osmaniye (Turkey) met with their students from Mustafa KONAKLI İLKOKULU and held our project activity AID CAMPAIGN. In this way, they were able to hand out our project gifts, magnets, project dictionaries to the students.


Students involved in the project have created a «New Year Refugee Calendar» with photos, pictures and their own drawings. These calendars will be offered to local authorities, NGOs and other schools and institutions.

Semana Cultural in Órgiva (social activities and workshops)

During the first week of April, our student had the oportunity to participate in different social and cultural activities and workshop organised by teachers, families and NGOs in order to embrace new cultures and learn about tradition and different cultures.

Sport Tournament with Refugees (Osmaniye, Turkey)

All partners have organised a Sport Tournament at school with refugees.

The «Baby Aylan T-shirt» Activity (1)

During the first weeks of several months, students from all schools have created t-shirts to wear them with a picture of Baby Aylan whose lifeless body hit the shore while migrating with his family from their country to Europe for sake of a better life. This aim of this activity is to bring aware on people who pass away during any migration process.

Sport Tournament in Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi, Osmaniye (Turkey)

Last Wednesday Osman Gazi Anadolu Lisesi in Osmaniye (Turkey) celebrated their sport tournament among students from School. The winners attended their medals.

Percussion and world music workshop

The Spanish partner organised in April an «Percussion and world music workshop» where students learnt about folklore and music from different countries. Student got very involved in new habits and discovered a new culture through music.

«I’M CHALLENGING…» ans «RED T-SHIRT Baby Aylan» Activities (Part 2) (Kocaeli, Turkey)

More videos and pictures from students from all countries participating in our project reflecting their ideas and feelings about peace and they challenging their peers to do the same.

Students from Istituto Compresivo Capuana Pardo, Castelvetrano, Sicily
Student from IES Alpujarra, Órgiva, Spain
Students from 75.Yil Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu, Kocaeli (Turkey)

The «Baby Aylan T-shirt» Activity (2)

Now it’s turn to our colleagues from Portugal and Italy to wear the Baby Aylan t-shirt in school and their community to make people awarness of migration and to bring aware on people who pass away during any migration process.

African dance workshop

After the «Percussion and world music workshop», students from IES Alpujarra school participated in another workshop about African dances to continue learning about folklore and music from other parts of the world.

African dances workshop 1 – Órgiva, Spain
African dances workshop 2 – Órgiva, Spain

Kite Festival by the 75.Yil Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu, in Kocaeli (TURKEY)

Our colleagues from Kocaeli, in Turkey, has organised a Kite Festival with all students of their school to celebrate human coexistence and cohabitation and communcal living.

Friendly Basketball March (Órgiva, Spain)

Finally, we celebrated our «Friendly bastketball Match» in Órgiva, Spain with students of all ages and different nationalities. We spent a great time all together learning from individual differences.

Erasmus+ Classroom in Órgiva

The IES Alpujarra from Órgiva (Spain) has created a new Erasmus+ Classroom where students work on Erasmus+ projects like this one and they celebrate meetings and reunions to talk about everything they are carrying out for Erasmus+ projects.

Erasmus+ Classroom, IES Alpujarra, Órgiva