THE FUTURE CHALLENGE; REFUGEES is a strategic school partnership and it will be realized 24 months among Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey (two schools) under the coordinator-ship of Spain. All these 6 partners strongly aim to contribute to the integration of refugee students in schools and promote the idea of social inclusion. The age group of our students is 10-18. We intend to give the- a chance to show their traditions, spread positive feelings among refugee children, motivate unsuccessful students and make the school a living area to stop early school leaving. We will invite parents and involve them into school activities. We will also cooperate with local authorities and NGOS to achieve the goals of our project. The project activities are divided in three main groups:

  • activities for students
  • the exchange of good practices among the schools on social inclusion
  • dissemination and evaluation activities In our schools we aim to promote inclusive social activities, sportive tournaments and cross cultural occasions.

Each partner school will organize a seminar on Refugees, Refugee Students and Their Adaptation in Schools, a charity action, Peace and Europea Days. We will organize a sport tournament, dance and music performances, learn our languages, try traditional dishes of refugee cuisines and learn about their culture. 

The project team will organize recurring events: ‘I am challenging’ and a support campaign to reflect on refugee problems. The aims of the projects are:

  • form a «REFUGEE TEAM», state the possible problems and risks that we face in schools and mark a plan of «THINGS TO DO!» 
  • create a «WE ARE ALL!» atmosphere in schools and grow tolerance, empathy and solidarity among students
  • accelerate the adaptation process of students in schools 
  • we will decrease the number of illiterate students 
  • organise inclusive social activities and sport tournaments
  • promote cross cultural occasions, give students a chance to show their traditions (cuisine, traditional clothes, games, music and dances..) 
  • create a friendly school and decrease the discipline problems in school 
  • throw the negative feelings among refugee children (shame, discrimination, lack of hope stranger..etc)
  • organize language courses for refugee children in order to remove the communication obstacles 
  • create clubs and courses which refugee students can show their talents an improve their skills 
  • promote pair work, group work and rise interaction among students
  • motivate students for creating new products, creating and designing things ICT and taking part and playing roles in ART PERFORMANCES
  • give the students tasks in project implementation, guide them, meet regularly and raise their self confidence, build entrepreneur skills, self conscious, try to form talented, responsible students 
  • cooperate with other schools and exchange good practices and experiences with them
  • apply new technologies and methodologies which will promote effective and cooperative learning in classes
  • hold several occasions in schools, invite parents, share the tasks among them and involve them in school activities
  • motivate unsuccessful children for joining the activities and sport tournaments, make the school living area and stop early school leaving
  • visit local authorities and NGOS’ in order to inform them about Refugee children and the situation in the world and announce our project
  • organise home visits to refugee families, know about their situation and their needs and build strong school
  • family relations
  • meet in common activities with friends and staff from partner schools, share ideas and feelings with them, see new places, earn about new cultures and increase cross cultural activities, remove prejudices and negative feelings towards foreign people and take a big step for European citizenship 
  • improve the foreign language level of students with the help of mobilities
  • motivate other schools for preparing projects and show that people can act to do something for refugees, their children 
  • stop crime rate among refugee children and create a better life and serve world peace.

We plan five project meetings. Through our project, partners will inspire teachers to be reflective professionals who take ownership of their own professional development as well as their students’ well being at schools. The teachers who will exchange good practices will learn modern methodologies and techniques and raise the quality of education in their schools. The result of the project will be tolerance, empathy and solidarity among students, decrease in the discipline problems at schools. We will produce the logo, sport medals, leaflets, calendars, posters and videos about the schools. We plan to work on the project website in English, eTwinning, school blogs in national languages and social media to share our best results. All the outcomes and events of the project will be disseminated on ICT platforms to assure its sustainability.